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Nikki Bella Hair

Lightest Blond Hair Swiss Lace Front Wig | Light & Breezy Shag Short Bob Hairstyle | Charm 1018 1

$90.00 USD $180.00 USD

I Look Perfect creates beautiful wigs to look natural and amazing. All hairstyles are realistic and gorgeous!

Ready to wear - Just put on and out the door. This is the Beautiful Hair secret of hairstylists across the world!

Length: 10 inches

Soft Swiss lace deep parting lace front wig with premium Futura hair. Heat is Ok to 375 degrees. Extremely deep Parting with invisible parting space. Exact item in photos.

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5 star***** Etsy Seller!

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The wigs measure up to 23.5 circumference. 

They are adjustable with combs.

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