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Happy Client | Dana

Written by Team Bella


Posted on April 16 2018

Review light baylayage straight lace front 20" long wig: 
Beauty abounds with hair the colors of chocolate, caramel, and vanilla.    Because of the lace front, you can part it on the side or down the middle to achieve a bolder, chunky highlight part.  Brush it off your face for a stunning, blended effect.   Texture is super soft with realistic low shine which I adore.  Density is lower and thinner than most wigs, similar to my natural hair, which is the reason I chose this one.   The cap is large and you can adjust it and make it tighter with two clasps on the bottom.  The cap has four small combs which secure your hair in place.  Best advice:  Rarely does your wig get placed on your head and look stunning immediately.  I spend at least a couple hours learning how it attaches, cutting the lace, trimming the ends, and combing it different ways to find my best look.  Overall a great, fun experience. -Dana



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